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Wurst Haus

About us

Wurst Haus offers Great Food, Serious Brew and Better Times. Our drink menu is unmatched with over 102 import and craft brews to choose from and great tasting signature cocktails. All our entrees are unique by nature from our traditional favorites to our homemade Fireman’s #4 wing sauce, Wurst Haus has a little something for everyone.


Established in 1980

Wurst Haus was founded by Bernie and Marlice Bushbom. Back then there was only a hand full of restaurants in Lake Jackson, distribution was very limited making it difficult to carry quality products consistently, I remember Bernie driving to Dallas twice a month to pick up bratwurst and Houston weekly to get fresh bread. The times were much different than today, cell phones were in a bag, MTV was just out, 4G and Wi-Fi were unheard of. Yes, things were different but the Bushboms had the know-how to carve out a very successful business. After 40 years Wurst Haus is still committed to its roots and is even more committed to the future.

Meet the Business Owner: Richard W.

I have lived all my life in Lake Jackson, my wife Amy and I have raised 4 children here and now we own a restaurant. We belong to the Brazosport Chamber of Commerce, Lake Jackson Business Association, After 5 Rotary Club, and are active in the Brazosport Area. I worked at the Wurst Haus all through High School in the mid-'80s and understand its roots and traditions. Now I bring Wurst Haus to the 21st century still offering all the traditional plates and now offering more variety in our menu, reinventing ourselves by listening to our customers, maintaining our past, and moving into the future. CARES is our mission statement and my staff tries day in and out to meet that mission, it stands for Customers are our focus, Attitude affects everything, Respect others have fun, Earn profits for everyone, Service is everything. Follow us through Wursthaus.net, Facebook, or Twitter for updates. Cheers.